Welcome to Periyar Forest Bungalow


Game Drive

One of the activities that people expect to do while visiting a wildlife sanctuary or national park is to go on a game drive. Due to the strict control measures and limited activities on offer in the park this is not currently possible in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. For people visiting the Periyar Tiger Reserve the only option is to go on boat trips on the lake or on foot with trackers. Both these activities are with other tourists who may not have the same interest in wildlife as you do! Our estate is located deep inside the jungle of Periyar and surrounded by Jungle. For our guests at the Lodge we offer this exclusive facility where we take you on jeeps for wildlife viewing that no one else can offer. You would get to spot all the animals that you are likely to see on the boat trip, on foot and more as our estate is a haven for wildlife who have made it their home due to high level of conservation and protection that we give them.


The Cardamom Walk

The walk in the plantation with the estate person will give you first hand information on how this lucrative spice is grown, cultivated, harvested and processed. The walk is usually after you main activities like the bird walk or the game drive. It would take about a couple of hours and will be in the vicinity of the bungalow. The pickers start their chores around the estate by about 8 am and usually the work lasts until about 4pm. You can do this activity any time during the day. This is complimentary for guests staying at the estate.


Nature Walk

As the estate is located inside the core zone of the Periyar National Park we often gets wildlife visiting the estate. These include the barking deer, sambar deer, wild boars, gaurs and elephants. You always get to spot a variety of birds right from the veranda of the bungalow. The walk with our naturalist is a very rewarding experience especially for those interested in the flora and fauna. Depending on the season you may also get see a variety of butterflies and moths...some that are rare and endangered! This activity is complimentary for in house guests staying at the bungalow