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The latest news is that the Government has confirmed that it will be the driest and possibly the hottest summer in the last 100 years! The water level in the reservoir in Thekkady is already low forcing the Forest Department to cut down the the number of boats and the intake of tourists in the park. What the officials are saying is that if fresh rain is not received then the boating on the lake will be altogether stopped keeping the safety of the tourists in mind. This means that the activities that you can do in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary will be very limited and the pressure on keep the rest of the activities going is going to be increasingly difficult for the authorities. With the weather being adverse the forest officials will be forced to reconsider the options available for visitors to explore the National park. It is likely that the boating will be totally stopped and due to the dry weather the rest of the activities might also be restricted.

The good news for the guests at Periyar Forest Bungalow is that none of these regulations will affect the Periyar Forest Bungalow as it is a private property and is deep inside the National park. The activities that we operate are in the part of the estate bordering the forest including the walk and the jeep safari. As we have a perennial stream in the property we do get a lot of wildlife coming for a drink. Of late the spotting of birds and animals inside the estate has been very encouraging. Sightings have included elephants, Hornbill and exotic birds.

Should anyone wish to have a proper jungle experience in the Periyar Tiger Reserve then the Periyar Forest Bungalow is the place to be!